At SR1 Technologies we intentionally have a diverse resource of talented engineering expertise— chemical, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, planning and software - which increase ways of approaching and solving problems.

We understand that sometimes the customer is not aware of what he/she needs to make him/herself successful. Therefore, SR1 Technologies’ talented but humble engineers help colleagues and clients to see the big picture, from the planning to the final product or service.

Through the early involvement in planning, concept generation and evaluation, we help with the development of complex designs and systems, to ensure that the creative vision becomes a product that individuals enjoy using.

Engineers at SR1 Technologies take products from concept to manufacturing, including detailed mechanism and circuit board design, CAD models, materials selection, and detailed analysis and testing. Our engineers help find and evaluate manufacturing vendors, compile design documentation, and conduct manufacturing tool reviews.

Throughout the process, engineers at SR1 Technologies lend confidence and credibility to design concepts by assessing their feasibility. Becuse we are a small business, all of our processes can be implemented quickly; therefore, we are optimized for fast iterations that rapidly bring ideas into fruition.