Food and Beverage

From extravagant industry promises to scary government statistics, the mixed messages being sent about food today are sometimes exciting, sometimes confusing, and often overwhelming. In response, consumers are coming up with new rules and strategies for what they will and won’t put in their mouths — and, as a result, their relationship with food is changing.

Often the best way to envision how a brand should evolve is to first understand the differences in how the company and the consumers perceive it. SR1 Technologies team spends considerable time talking with people about how they make food decisions. We also observe their behaviors. We are willing to use culturally competent food insights like these to help companies from developing new flavors to unlocking value in their supply chains. Our team excels at rethinking product packaging, extending product lines, exploiting the potential of newly acquired brands, and building brand loyalty. Although the focus of our work is people, we carefully consider the technical feasibility and commercial viability of any design concept — and maintain methods for rapid prototyping.

In an industry where margins can be razor thin, optimizing the supply chain is an effective way to compete for and win customers. Using collaborative design techniques, SR1 Technologies identifies opportunities for supply chain innovation that can increase revenues, create lasting partnerships, and uncover new value throughout the organization.