Public Sector

Innovation in the public sector often requires breaking away from historical thinking. Through our passion, clarity, and reliable methodology, SR1 Technologies helps clients tackle some of the most inspired — and challenging — issues that government leaders face. With a staff that has over 30 years of experience of working in the public sector, we are committed to enabling meaningful participation among government employees and citizens that leads to large-scale, positive change.

At SR1 Technologies, we bring our private sector knowledge, connections, and experience to government projects to expand what clients already do well. We leverage an organization’s traditional strengths — such as hiring talented individuals, gathering evidence, and being flexible — to help build a culture of innovation, to modernize and humanize systems, to craft forward-looking strategies, and to tap into new and existing networks.

We strive to create realistic yet leading-edge scenarios that are sustainable and scalable over time. To this end, our multifaceted design process is participatory and people-centered. Our design team works closely with local, regional, and national groups on diverse challenges and budgets to create Socially Conscious Designs.