Social Innovation

Social innovation seeks to create transformational change in under-served, underrepresented, and disadvantaged communities worldwide. At SR1 Technologies, we use design thinking to address issues such as poverty, nutrition, health, water and sanitation, economic empowerment, and gender equality.

Our projects involve clients in both the private and public sectors. To help them develop effective solutions, we create not only products and services, but also an entire system that supports them. This often means spending considerable time in the field, living and working with the people we’re striving to assist. We routinely partner with local leaders (who act as our trusted advisers) to ensure that all concepts and solutions are practical, culturally appropriate, scalable, and sustainable.

This means that before introducing anything new, we figure out what is most important to the target population—and what will motivate them to understand and adopt our solution. We also consider funding and business models, materials and manufacturing, sales and marketing, distribution, and repair and service strategies. We pilot, test, and alter our designs accordingly to ensure that they have a positive impact.