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Technology Class

About SR1 Technoligies

The Orginization

SR1 Technologies, LLC is a certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) located in Ridgeland, MS. 

With SR1 Technologies, LLC being a small business we are: Flexible: We respond to change quickly and experience less bureaucratic inertia. We are more in tune with customer satisfaction and concerns. Personal: We can be personal in ways that allow us for more meaningful interactions. Passionate: With it being small number of staff you will be able to see more of our pure passion. Partnerships: Teamwork really does make the dream work, we partner with institutions of higher learning, public and private sectors and most importantly those that we design for.

Team Lead

Tamu Green with a Masters in Business Administration is the founder and servant leader of SR1 Technologies, LLC.  Mr. Green is passionate about creating the best products, designs, and services for universal good utilizing integrations of tools. He has a diverse background of technology, health, and education experience.  Mr. Green’s diverse background includes degrees from Mississippi State University, several networking, computer security, and health certifications. Mr. Green is excited about the future of working with a talented and diverse team in coming up with innovative solutions.

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